Wednesday, June 2, 2010

West Park Village Deli

Today's scary food is one you have probably eaten many times: potato salad.

I am not a fan of cold salads or really salad in general. I do not believe that food should be mixed together. Many tastes and textures in one bite? Ew, no, thank you! I have tried potato salad before. I hated it. I have since avoided it at all picnics and potlucks.

I have been told many times, "When you get older and your tastebuds mature, you like a lot of things that you didn't like as a kid." So, with that in mind today, I ordered potato salad with my plain ham on white from the West Park Village Deli. The sandwich was delicious. The potato salad was as bad as I remember it being. I tried very had to keep an open mind (mouth?), but it wasn't happening. Potato salad is still gross.

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