Thursday, June 10, 2010


What is your favorite potato chip? In Maryland, where I hail from, Utz chips are a way of life. Specifically, crab Utz chips. It may sound like a stereotype, but we Baltimorians looooove our crabs. So much so that we insist on these gross crab flavored chips. I, of course, am one of the few people who dislike them. They're very popular. Truthfully, I don't really care for Utz chips at all. They're okay and I'll grab a handful at the picnic or potluck, but if I'm going to spend money and calories on greasy, potato-y goodness, I buy Ruffles. I don't know why Ruffles are my favorite chips. Maybe it's the ridges or perhaps they have a salt content higher than the average chip. I actually think I like them the best because they're the first chip I remember eating. Yeah, go analyze THAT, psychology majors. Okay, don't really, because analyzing my food preferences seems like a waste of your time.

Nevertheless, despite all brand preferences, I stick to one rule about chips. This rule is the same rule I adhere to in all areas of my diet: Keep it plain. No salt and vinegar, crab, barbeque, Cajun, honey cinnamon cayene, whatever. So today, as the witching hour drew nearer and I hadn't fulfilled my task, I reached for the first scary food I could find. A bag of Lay's Barbeque chips. I was at the Blue Lizard Hookah Lounge (it's awesome, by the way) and they are for sale there (but don't buy the crappy food, buy the hookah). I ate one. It was awful. My friend laughed at me as I tried valiantly to finish my bite and unscrew my water bottle at the same time. The lesson? Barbeque chips, very bad. Awesome hookah lounge, very good.

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