Sunday, June 20, 2010


4Rivers is a barbeque joint in Orlando. My sister works there. In order to make today a little easier on my mom and to let my family try some of their food, my sister brought food from work today for Father's Day. (Happy Father's Day!) My mom, knowing my weird food aversion, offered to make me something different, but I chose to eat what everyone else was eating. Well, except for the shrimp with crab stuffing. I don't like shrimp. Melissa brought three different kinds of meat, cole slaw, and cheese grits. I didn't eat the cole slaw, but I did try everything else she brought. If you are anywhere near the Orlando area, you should check out 4Rivers. The meat is SOOO tender. I wasn't terribly fond of the beef brisket or the chicken (it was fine, just not slendiforous). I really liked the pulled pork though. I even had seconds! I put it on a roll, but I probably would have eaten by itself.

The cheese grits were another story. Mel was so excited about them that I knew I had to try them. The texture was AMAZING. Smooth, but not creamy. The cheese flavor was too intense for me though. I like mild cheese (American, Muenster, provolone) and this was CHEDDAR. Like wham! kind of cheddar. If you're into that, eat these. Probably not too much of it though because I'm guessing it has a lot of calories.

I hope you had a great Father's Day if you're a father and, if you're not, I hope you told your dad that you love him. Most of all, I hope you do love your dad. It's a sad life without a dad you can love and respect.

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