Friday, June 11, 2010


Today's scary food hails from the land of, "Healthy foods are scary!" No offense Kashi people, but all natural, organic food is like commitment to me. Seductive as hell, but just as frightening when it comes time to actually do it. So, as I was perusing my favorite aisle at the Publix (that would be the cereal aisle) I stumbled across BOGO bags of granola. They were beautiful. So many varieties, all lined up in the "All Natural" section. I, being the well read person I am, know that "all natural" means "clever marketing term that means NOTHING", but I am seduced anyway. Seeing that these bags are buy one, get one free, I carefully choose my two bags of overpriced grain. One is some variety of chocolate and the other is sunflower and pumpkin seed. I actually love sunflower and pumpkin seeds, so I'm thinking, "Sweet, something that isn't chocolate for when my conscience says, 'You never eat healthy stuff unless it's chocolate!'"

Tonight, it was time to test my sunflower and pumpkin seed granola. I have yet to decide if the chocolate counts for this challenge or not since I was tempted to get it before the challenge, I just never did. The scary seed filled granola definately counts though. I was silly and forgot that I only needed to take a bite of the stuff, so I got out my pretty Ariel bowl (Yes, I have Ariel dishes. I love them.) and measured a half cup of granola with a splash of milk into it. It took a couple of bites to get used to the cereal, but I actually really liked it. I like cereal, I just rarely eat it since my breakfast consists of coffee. Usually when I go eat cereal, it's an unhealthy amount of Kix. This cereal is healthy AND tasty. A total positive considering the vauge "lose weight" goal I have.

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