Friday, June 4, 2010

China Wok

As a child, I only ate two things from Chinese restaurants: white rice and wonton soup. Those are still my two favorite things, but I have added two items to the list: veggie lo mein and steamed or fried dumplings. Now, last night, we were going to go to the Chinese buffet and I was going to get something scary there. Since that didn't work out and my father was tired tonight, I suggested we skip the buffet and just get Chinese. So we did.

I got my fried dumplings ("No, dad, I don't want vegetables") and dad ordered pork egg fu young. So, pork egg fu young was my scary food of the day. By the way, have you ever seen egg fu young? It's frightening! Definately on my scary food list. I tried some and actually liked it. I was shocked. Why does my dad like it? It's not his usual taste at all. I just expanded my Chinese food options by 25%! (I think. Math isn't my thing.) So, reader, there you are. The very first scary food from the June challenge to get the picky eater stamp of approval.

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