Thursday, June 3, 2010

Golden Corral

Buffets are a great place to go when you're trying new things. In fact, buffets are a scary place to go if you're not willing to try new things. A new Chinese buffet opened near our house not too long ago and my father has been wanting to try it, but I'm a food wuss and always say "no". Today, in honor of my June challenge, I put on my big girl panties and said, "Sure, let's do it." I was even kind of looking forward to some fried dumplings and veggie lo mein. My dad, grandfather, and myself loaded up in the Mariner and headed out to the only road that leads to the Chinese buffet. Guess what? We got off it about 5 minutes and a quarter of a mile later. Yep, some kind of accident was preventing us from eating questionable meat.

Plan B (no, not the contraceptive kind)
Golden Corral. After all, they'd already gotten me to agree to go to a buffet, so why mess with a good thing? I like Golden Corral. Decent mac and cheese, fabulous white rolls, yummy steak. Plenty of all-American goodness for this picky eater. Also, plenty of scary options, so today's challenge was on! The scary food I opted for was turnip greens. They are easily one of the most unappealing foods I have ever seen. I usually judge whether or not a food falls into the "scary food" category by how much I don't want to touch it. Turnip greens ranked pretty high up there.

Suprisingly, they taste better than they look. I would certainly hope this would be the case since they look like they got blown out of an elephant's trunk. I wouldn't eat them on a regular basis, but I would definately pick them over, say, live spiders. Or even dead spiders. (Now is not the time to remind me that the average human consumes something like 4 spiders a year in their sleep.)

So, my reader, there you have it. Turnip greens: looks nasty, tastes kind of nasty, but does not taste nearly as nasty as they look.

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