Sunday, May 2, 2010

Challenge #1

Well, it's finally here. May 2, the day before I start my first month long challenge and the day that you, my darling reader, get to know what my challenge is. So..... *drumroll please*

I will NOT be talking for a month.

Of course, like everything, there are exceptions. I will talk if medically or legally necessary (oh my goodness, can you imagine trying to mime your way out of a speeding ticket?). I will also talk when my infrequent job requires it. I'm going to be working TWO days this week, so that's two days I'm breaking the rules. Outside of work on those days, I will be silent. Other than those exceptions, it's going to be a quiet month for me.

I will still type, text, write, and gesture, so I won't be totally non-communicative (in case that would be a sad thing to you). I will probably be playing Ursula's "Poor Unfortunate Souls" a lot this month.

I'm interested to see how other people will be around me if I'm not really contributing to the conversation. Will they talk to me? Will they ignore me? Will they forget I'm there and say things they don't want me to hear?

It will also be interesting to see how this challenges the people who serve me. I'm probably just going to have to have a card I keep on me at all times that says, "Water, no ice, no lemon".

So here's my first observation: I dye my hair red. I have The Little Mermaid paraphanalia everywhere. Now, I'm not speaking. It's possible that I'm taking my Ariel obsession to an unhealthy level. On that note, if you're hot, single, play the flute, and are named Eric, call me. In June.

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