Friday, April 23, 2010

Still waiting

I still do not have an exact start date for my May challenge. I am supposed to be signing up for a two day certification class on May 1 and 2 (hence the May 3 start date) but the money to sign up for the class is not showing up in my bank account. Boo.

I've decided that I am not going to reveal each month's challenge to you, my reader, until the day before it starts. So, you don't get to know yet what my May challenge is. You may have inferred that it will interfere with my life slightly from the fact that I am scheduling it around a class, instead of ploughing on ahead with both the challenge and the class.

Here's another hint. I have made plans to hang out with my sister this weekend so that I will not have to wait until June to have some real visiting time with her.

I hope you have as fun a weekend planned as I do!

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