Monday, April 19, 2010

Before the Beginning...

there was an idea. The idea is to spend a month at a time challenging myself to one thing that is different from the way I normally live my life. There is no limit to how long this challenge will continue, but a year is the normal time frame. I may give up challenging myself before a year is out or I may decide that I have more than 12 challenges in my head that I want to try.

The purpose of this blog is to provide an outlet to describe my experiences, as well as to document them. I don't know if anyone else will want to read about my challenges, but mayhap you will. Mayhap you will be inspired to imitate my challenges. If not, that's alright.

Let me describe myself and my daily life so that you know who I am before you know what I am changing. I graduated with my master's degree roughly a year ago. I won't say that I've been lost for this past year, but I do feel like I've been in a never-ending, slightly gray limbo. Since graduation, I have struggled to find a job (like most graduates right now). I am currently unemployed and living with my parents in Florida. I work one day a week with my father at one of his jobs. That income covers almost nothing, but I am grateful for it. I am writing a book. Well, I have written a book and I am trying to make it perfect for publishing. I'm also trying to find an agent and learn as much as I can about publishing.

I talk far too much. I do have some fairly brilliant insights, comments, and quips, but I also make many remarks that offend/hurt people and make me feel stupid.

I have a love/hate relationship with sleep and other people. I adore sleeping, but I wish it wasn't necessary. I have sleep onset insomnia, but I can easily sleep for 10-12 hours. I drink 3 cups of coffee every day, usually around 12:30pm when I wake up.

I enjoy one on one time with friends and family, but I get incredibly stressed out when I have to be around more than 3 people at a time. I try to hide it. I fail.

I do not have a significant other, nor do I want one. Relationships are more than I wish to handle at this point in my life. Besides, how could I afford to date? :)

I have a cat. I adore her, but I do not spend enough time with her lately because I'm spending far too much time watching TV. NCIS is my biggest drug, but I'm also addicted to Glee and The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Well, I believe that is enough information for my first blog. My first month long challenge is set to start on May 1 or May 3 (to be determined). Hopefully you'll be intrigued.

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  1. Not sure if I'm the first to read it or not, but I found it interesting. Always curious what other people think. Especially when they're brutally honest and you certainly are from what I can see. Great start to your blog endeavor! Happy writing.